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how to get a Credit Card in Thailand

Welcome to the Thai Credit Card information page

Many foreign residents in Thailand just assume that they will eventually qualify for a Thai credit card, as the tend to earn quite a bit more that the locals and they usually own a house, have a Thai wife and kids and no intentions of ever leaving the country again. Unfortnately the Thai Banks and other crediit card providers do not share this feeling, especially after a large percentage of the foreigner picked up all they owned and left when the crises hit Thailand back in 1997. Most of those foreigners had (some) outstanding debts making the Thai banks and credit card companies very reluctant to ever offer unsecured credit or loans to non-thai nationals again. In the very near future we will show you which Thai banks do offer credit cards to their foreign account holders and against what conditions those credit cards are given out.



Using Debit Cards in stead of Credit Cards.
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Using a internet credit card.
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