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how to get a Credit Card in Thailand

How to get a credit card in Thailand.

For expats, domestically issued credit cards will allow you to receive benefits from regular retail promotions, lucky prize draws, discounts and loyalty programmes. By using local cards, foreigners can also save by not having to pay the foreign-exchange fee charged when using foreign-issued credit cards in Thailand.

However, each bank has different conditions for credit-card applications.

The Bangkok Bank credit card is available to foreign applicants who are permanent residents or have had a work permit for at least one year, while other conditions are the same as for Thai applicants.

Kasikornbank requires foreign customers to have a minimum of one year's work experience in Thailand to apply for a credit card, with a minimum monthly income of Bt50,000. They must also provide a credit bureau's authorisation, and their work permit must be valid for at least six month after the application date. Customers will be informed of the approval result within 16 days for applications in Bangkok and 19 days upcountry.

Siam Commercial Bank requires a work permit and minimum monthly salary of Bt100,000, compared with Thai applicants' minimum income of Bt15,000. The bank also needs foreign customers to show a bank statement covering the past six months.
Krung Thai Bank requires foreign applicants to have had a work permit for at least two years, but their requirement for minimum monthly income is Bt15,000, the same as for Thai applicants. They must also show a bank statement covering the past three months and their passport.

TMB Bank offers two choices of credit-card applications for foreigners. The first requires lending deals with corporations of at least three years and a minimum credit line of Bt30 million. Expats employed by these companies are eligible to apply for a TMB Bank credit card. A work permits must also be shown. The second choice is offered to individual foreigners who open a fixed-deposit account with the bank. They must use the account as collateral for their credit-card application and will receive a credit line of not more than 80 per cent of the deposit amount.

Bank of Ayudhya requires three years' local work experience and a minimum monthly income of Bt50,000 for a classic card and one year's local work experience and a monthly salary of Bt100,000 for gold and platinum cards. Self-employed customers should have average cash flow in their bank account of Bt350,000 a month or more for the classic card and Bt700,000 or more for gold and platinum cards. Applicants must submit copies of their passport and work permit valid for at least six months. Company employees need a copy of a payroll slip and a bank statement covering the past six months.

Remember that if any of your credit cards has been lost, stolen or retained by an ATM or if you suspect you have been the victim of fraud, contact your card issuer immediately.In cancelling your card or putting a hold on your account, you will be liable for all transactions made before notifying the bank.



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